Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

... make sure to visit Alcatraz Island ...

Yesterday I finally visited Alcatraz.
At first I want to tell you some interesting facts about "The Rock":
The first spanish man who discovered the island was Juan Manuel de Ayala in 1775, who charted San Francisco Bay and named the island "La Isla de los Alcatraces" which you can translate as "The Island of the Pelicans".
Alcatraz was a prison from 1933- 1963. 36 men tried to escape during this time. 23 were caught, six were killed and two drowned. The fate of five men remains unknown, although officially they are listed as "missing and presumed drowned".
In 1972 the island became part of the Golden Gate national recreation area and in 1973 it opened for the public. More than 1 million people visit the island each year.

On Alcatraz you can listen to audio guides in different languages. If your language is quite good you should choose english. Because there you can listen to the real voices of prior inmates. It was really interesting and easy to understand.
One of the inmates said, that sometimes, when the wind was blowing from San Francisco to Alcatraz, they could hear the voices of the people, the laughter of the girls and the giggle of the kids.
They had an excellent view to San Francisco and every day they do know what they are missing.
Another man said:"You were not a human, no individual on Alcatraz."

Some people tried to escape. One example is still in my mind. 3 people used metal things like spoons to make their way through the concrete. And they were succesful. They escaped through the air vent and made it to the roof of the prison and to the bay. They were never seen again. So no one knows if they drowned or if they are still alive...
Going to Alcatraz is an amazing experience. By the audio guide you have the feeling you can hear and feel the inmates. You got a real good impression how life was on "the Rock". It must have been hard to live on this beautiful island so close to the real life, to San Francisco.


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