Montag, 8. April 2013

If you are going to San Francisco...

As you can see, it is a little bit quiet on my blog those days. It's because I'm in San Francisco. It's my holiday and this is my 5th week. I'll be here for another 3 weeks.
Last year, a friend of mine went to Vancouver for 2 months. She quit her job. I was so jealous. I had always wanted to go to America for longer than a 2 or 3 week holiday. Another friend of mine told me, I could do it. I just had to save all my holidays in a year and go. That's what I did and now I'm here, in this amazing city. I always wanted to go to San Francisco because of the series "Charmed".
I immediately fell in love with this city. I love the fog, the hills, the bay and the ocean.

I love the Golden Gate Bridge. When I was younger I always dreamed about getting a marriage proposal at the Golden Gate Bridge. Just me, the guy and the bridge :-) The bridge will definitly be closed to traffic for this special moment in my life.
I know, a young girl's dreams...

I don't think, this will ever happen, but it would be funny.
The left and the next three pictures are really typical of San Francisco. There is always a lot of fog. But that's so charming. I mean even on a sunny day you have this fog around the Twin Peaks or the Golden Gate Bridge.

I've already done a lot of things here in San Francsico. I climbed Coit Tower, walked through Italy and China Town. I saw the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf thrice. I took the ferry to Sausalito....
This Wednesday I want to go to Alcatraz. You always have to buy tickets in advance, because it's always sold out.
I hope, this pictures give you a little feeling about this beautiful, amazing and absolutely lovely city.

Last weekend I visited Los Angeles. It was okay, but I definitely don't want to go there again. The city is dirty, it smells bad nearly everywhere you go, and it is really hard to go anywhere without a car. That is what I like most about San Francisco. Everything is really close together, so you can walk easily. But at the same time, the public transportion system is excellent. The only thing is, that if you go the "wrong" way, you have to climb up a steep hill. But you get used to it. :-)

Mission District is a really beautiful area. There is a street called Clarion Alley. You definitely have to go there. There are amazing murals. They usually change it from time to time. So for example, if you use Google Streetview you can see different pictures than what I saw last week. Close to this street, at the corner of Dolores Park is a great ice cream shop called Bi-rite Creamery. The ice cream is really delicious and it isn't as expensive as I expected. The most famous flavour is "salty caramel", but I didn't try it yet. Maybe I'm too German...
But I tried some hot fudge on my ice cream. It was one of the best hot chocolate sauces I have ever eaten.

To be continued...

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  1. San Francisco Reisebericht: …be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

    Dieses Viertel entlang der Haight-Street war früher das Zentrum der Hippie-Bewegung in San Francisco und noch heute ist die Mischung dort sehr entspannt und bunt. Das „Venice Beach“ von San Francisco.
    Das Viertel macht unheimlich Spaß und selbst an einem Sonntag ist hier einiges los, auch wenn um 11 hier alle erst wach werden.
    Nachdem man die Lower Haight hinter sich gelassen hat, ist man am Buena Vista Park angekommen. Hier ist mitten in der Stadt eine waldige Oase mit einem kleinen Berg. Diesebelohnt mit einer schönen Aussicht bis zur Golden Gate- und der Bay Bridge.

    Golden Gate Park
    Der Golden Gate Park ist eine gut 4km lange Parkanlage, die allerdings nicht wie der Name vermuten lässt an der Golden Gate Bridge liegt! Direkt angrenzend der Japanische Teegarten – verweilen lohnt sich.

    Ohne Stadtplan oder besser Navigation mit meinem Smartphone sieht man Touristen oft hilfesuchend umherfragen.

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